The Admin Law Blog is a group blog about administrative law in the common law world.

We aim to publish about one post a every two weeks, and circulate news about events in the field. We publish posts from scholars, practitioners, judges, and others – anyone interested in the field with something to say! New contributors are very welcome. Find out how to submit a post here.

The Admin Law Blog has five editors:

Farrah Ahmed is an Associate Professor in Melbourne Law School. Her area of research spans public law, legal theory and family law. Her work has been published in the Cambridge Law Journal, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, amongst others.

Kate Glover Berger is an Assistant Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Her expertise lies in administrative and constitutional law, with an emphasis on administrative constitutionalism, the design of administrative institutions and procedural fairness, judicial review of administrative action, and constitutional principles, architecture, and amendment. Her work has appeared in leading journals, including the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Journal of Law & Social Policy, the Supreme Court Law Review, and the McGill Law Journal, and she has been invited to present her work in jurisdictions across Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Kate’s current research focuses on developing a theory of structural administrative constitutionalism and projects on the nature and status of the administrative state.

Swati Jhaveri is a DPhil Candidate in Law at the University of Oxford.  Prior to this she has taught at the Faculty of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore. Her areas of research include constitutional and administrative law, with a focus on the latter and she has published in these areas in leading publications like Public Law, Federal Law Review, the Tort Law Review and the International Journal of Constitutional Law.  Her DPhil looks at the role of the executive in the Constitution.

Joe Tomlinson is Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of York and Research Director at the Public Law Project. The main focus of his research is administrative justice systems. His work has been used in strategic litigation, policy formulation, and cited by the UK Supreme Court.

Julian R Murphy is a PhD candidate at the Melbourne Law School where his research focus is the intersection of constitutional law, administrative law and statutory interpretation. His research has appeared in journals in the UK, the USA and Australia, including the Harvard Journal on Legislation and the Columbia Journal of Race & Law.

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