Symposium: Robert Thomas, Administration Law in Action: Immigration Administration

We are pleased to announce that the Admin Law Blog will be hosting a symposium on Administrative Law in Action: Immigration Administration—a new book by Professor Robert Thomas (University of Manchester), published by Hart Bloomsbury.

Building on his previous work, including two monographs, at the intersection of administrative law and migration (see here and here), this book takes an “inside, out” approach to administrative law within the UK’s Home Office. It weaves the ground-level reality of this often-dysfunctional department with broader ideas about administrative law, and suggests new ways of thinking about both.

The symposium will feature posts from contributors including Professor Ingrid Eagly, Professor Tom Poole, and Dr Alice Welsh. We will conclude the symposium with a response from Professor Thomas.

We look forward to commencing the symposium with a post from Professor Eagly next week, and contributions will continue in September after the blog’s usual August break.


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